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Dental Implants


Implants are an excellent long-term option for restoring your smile when you have missing teeth.  As an alternative to the common bridge, the big advantage of an implant is you are able to preserve more of your teeth, because you do not have to remove good tooth structure from the healthy teeth on either side of your empty space.

Dr. Hammond works with an oral surgeon who will place a post in the jawbone that is made up of titanium and other materials that are compatible with the human body.  As the bone heals, it actually grows around the post and holds it in place.  The implant then functions as a sturdy anchor for the crown that Dr. Hammond attaches to your implant to fully restore your tooth.  An implant is a stable and secure replacement that provides long-term reliability.

Implants are also an excellent alternative to dentures.  Dentures can be uncomfortable or ill-fitting and can make chewing difficult if they do not stay in place.  Multiple implants are placed as anchors, and an implant denture is snapped to the posts, giving the patient secure, tight-fitting teeth for years to come.



Partials:   Removable partials are an economical alternative to fixed bridges for replacing multiple missing teeth.  Replacement teeth can be attached to a pink (or gum-colored) acrylic base or to a metal framework that fits behind your teeth with clasps that connect to your existing teeth.  Another cost-saving advantage to a removable partial, is that you can add addtiional teeth as needed to your existing partial, avoiding the cost of replacing an entire new bridge.  The disadvantage to a partial, however, is that although a fixed bridge is more expensive, it feels more secure and more like having your own teeth, plus there are no clasps to show.

Dentures:  If you are facing the loss of all your natural teeth from decay, injury or gum disease, or if you feel that the cost of restoring your remaining teeth is not possible, dentures may be a more affordable option to restore your smile.   Dentures can fill out your face or profile.  And you can choose to custom design the shape, color and straightness of your new teeth.


Comprehensive & Routine Exams, Diagnostic X-rays and Dental Cleanings/Hygiene. 


At your initial visit, Dr. Hammond will conduct a Comprehensive Exam to provide him with a thorough evaluation of the overall health of your mouth.  This will include assessment of your teeth, gums, oral tissue and TMJ.  He will discuss your medical history as well as address any current concerns or questions.  If you have recent x-rays, he will be happy to review them, or if not, he will take digital images to help him diagnose between your teeth.  He will discuss options to provide solutions for recommended treatment, if needed.  After evaluating your gums, he will determine if a routine cleaning is all that is needed, or if any perio issues need to be addressed, he will explain why and what type of treatment he recommends.

From basic oral health to complex dental challenges, Dr. Hammond's nearly 30 years of experience, combined with his conservative philosophy and his gentle patient care where listening and explaining are paramount, will hopefully give you confidence and trust that we wish to provide you with complete and honest dental care.

Composite Fillings.
Composite fillings are tooth-colored and made from a plastic and glass mixture.  They are used to restore decayed teeth.  Composite resins provide good durability.  The filling material bonds to tooth structure, thus helping the teeth to resist fracture.  Composite fillings blend with the color of your teeth, providing a natural looking restoration.  Composites are also used for cosmetic improvements.


Dental Bonding, Crowns and Veneers.

Dental Bonding:   Dental Bonding is an excellent affordable choice as compared to crowns or veneers.  Using composite material, Dr. Hammond is able to make cosmetic improvements to your smile by changing the color of your teeth or by reshaping disfigured teeth.  Another advantage to dental bonding is that treatment can be completed in the chair, thus eliminating waiting time for lab work.

Porcelain/Ceramic Crowns:  Crowns restore teeth that have such extensive decay or such large or multiple existing fillings, that there is no longer enough tooth remaining to hold a filling.  Sometimes, a tooth may develop a crack.  These weakened teeth, whether by decay, multiple fillings or cracks, may be in danger of breaking.  A crown can help prevent this.

Porcelain/Ceramic crowns are an excellent cosmetic choice to improve your smile.  Dr. Hammond can use crowns to cover teeth that are greatly discolored, badly shaped or uneven.  Porcelain/ceramic crowns can replace old crowns that have porcelain fused to metal.  The all-ceramic or all-porcelain crown eliminates the dark metal that can become visible with time along the gum line of the tooth.

Porcelain/Ceramic Veneers:  Veneers are a wonderful option that can greatly enhance your smile cosmetically.  Normally, veneers are designed to cover the front side of the teeth.  They preserve healthy tooth structure, because minimal prep is required to hold the veneer.  Veneers can be used to reshape chipped, decayed or crooked teeth.  And veneers can correct stained teeth or simply even out or whiten their color.

A simple and satisfying method to improve your smile.  Whiter teeth can make you look younger and appear more healthy.  Impressions are taken so that Dr. Hammond can make custom lightweight trays that fit intimately over your teeth.  Your individual trays will come with several tubes of a bleach solution gel (containing a percentage of hydrogen peroxide) that will see you through several days of application.  
Most patients begin to see a difference within a few days and many  continue to see improvement for 2 weeks or more as teeth whiten and reach optimum brightness.  Your specific trays are reusable for many years to come.  For future touch-ups, additional bleach tubes are available for purchase at a nominal fee.




We  will do our best to offer you honest, excellent dental service that is caring and compassionate.

Dr. Robert Hammond is a 1987 graduate of Georgetown University School of Dentistry and has been serving the greater Sarasota area since 2002.  He is experienced in all facets of General Dentistry, including Implant Restoration, Fillings, Crowns and Bridges, Veneers, Dental Bonding, Partial and Complete Dentures, and Teeth Whitening.

Dr. Hammond's office combines the newest in digital technology with old-fashioned values.  Our goal is to provide you with personal one-on-one attention.  Dr. Hammond enjoys taking the time to get to know you, listening to your concerns, answering any of your questions and treating you with professional and patient dental care.


No hardsell here!

We are conveniently located just south of Sarasota on Tamiami Trail in Osprey, Florida.  Give us a call or stop by.  We look forward to meeting you and we hope to earn your trust and bring you warm and friendly service for many years to come.

Most Dental Insurance Plans Accepted.


Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday  9:00AM – 5:30PM

Friday & Saturday By Appointment

Our Address

622 S. Tamiami Trail

Osprey, FL  34229

www.roberthammonddds.com                          Tel: 941-218-6914

“I switched to Dr. Hammond because I heard that he listens and genuinely cares about his patients.  I had several teeth with deep cavities.  Other dentists wanted to either crown or remove the teeth because of the cavity depth and difficulty of location.  Not Dr. Hammond. He patiently took 2 hours or more to repair each tooth with very affordable composite restorations. He preserved the tooth structure as much as possible.  And the results are no pain and I have my teeth.  He always does what is best for the patient.  And I love the great music and inspirational Ironman photographs in the office.  I recommend him very highly."


“For me, seeing a dentist can cause me a lot of anxiety, mostly because I am very sensitive to pain (especially pain associated with my teeth). 

Dr. Hammond is very gentle, soft spoken and intelligent.  Having him work in my mouth removes most of my anxiety.  The result counts also.  I am very satisfied with the work done and tolerating a small amount of anxiety makes the entire experience rewarding.

Thank you, Dr. Hammond!"


"My wife and I have been Dr. Hammond's patients for many years.  He is an excellent dentist, very knowledgable and experienced.  He is gentle, polite and trustworthy---and we feel that he is a wonderful dentist and person!"


“I believe that the three most important qualities of a dental practice are

1) Expertise

2) Integrity

3) Likeability

Dr. Hammond, and his wife, Susan, exhibit all of these.  I live in New York City, but travel to Dr. Hammond in Florida for all my dental needs.

Thank you, Dr. Hammond, for practicing dentistry the way it should be."


"Dr. Hammond is fantastic!  He is an excellent dentist, great listener and very meticulous.  Being new to Sarasota, we had to find new doctors that we like and trust.  Well, finding our dentist came easy when we came across one of his patients that highly recommended Dr. Hammond.  He and his staff made us feel welcome and we felt like we were part of the family.  They had a professional and friendly staff and all checkups and treatments went great.  Thanks again, Dr. Hammond and staff."

Rebecca and Paul




Undergraduate B.A. Degree at State University of NY, Albany.
Georgetown School of Dentistry, D.D.S. Degree, 1987 graduate.
Dr. Hammond began his dental career working in the northeastern states of Connecticut and New York.  In 1997, Dr. Hammond moved to northern Indiana and provided mobile dental services to nursing homes, before beginning a position in the year 2000 with the Marion County Health Department in Indianapolis, IN.
In June 2002, Dr. Hammond relocated to Sarasota, Florida to open his solo dental practice.  He provides a full range of General and Cosmetic Dentistry, from Implant Restoration and Crowns & Veneers, to Composite Fillings, Dental Bonding, and Dentures & Partials.
Dr. Hammond is currently on faculty at State College of Florida (Sarasota/Manatee) in the Dental Hygiene Program.
Dr. Hammond prefers to follow his philosophy of preserving maximum tooth structure with minially invasive treatment.  His conservative approach enables him to offer several options to his patients.
Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.
Dr. Hammond has had a lifelong passion for pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  In the same way that he researches the science of dentistry, Dr. Hammond will research the latest developments in nutrition and exercise to provide him with the tools for promoting optimum health. 
He began running marathons shortly after dental school.  Since his beginning days in Central Park, Dr. Hammond has run nearly 50 marathons (including 17 Boston Marathons).  After 10 years of marathons, he became interested in triathlons, so he added swimming and cycling to his running routine. 
In 1998, Dr. Hammond competed in his first Ironman triathlon (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, 26.2-mile run).  Since then he has qualified three times for the World Ironman Championship in Kona, Hawaii and he will be there to comepte again in October 2016.
When you visit his office, you will see that Dr. Hammond has a nostalgic side for his parents' generation.  Artwork from Norman Rockwell, photos of classic movie stars such as Rita Heyworth, Grace Kelly, Marlon Brando---and his favorite, Humphrey Bogart, as well as music from the 40s all point to his appreciation of days gone by.
Dr. Hammond also has very eclectic musical tastes.  He enjoys songs that tell a story, and can quote lyrics from a broad range of music, including rock-n-roll, country, Broadway tunes and folk.  So patients are welcome to make requests!
Dr. Hammond met his wife, Susan, as they were both training in Central Park for the NYC  marathon.  Married since 1993, they share an active lifestyle and enjoy being out in natural Florida or being at home with their rescue animals. 
The Amazing Dental Dog!
Daisy, an Australian Cattledog mix, was adopted from a rescue shelter as a puppy in 2008.  She is the star of the family and brings both Susan & Dr. Hammond great joy.  Dr. Hammond has taught Daisy many tricks, including bringing him a ginger-ale from the fridge (and after delivering it, she goes back to the kitchen to close the door!).
At the office, Daisy sits quietly on her bed behind Susan's reception desk.  She loves to greet the patients, but she is very polite and always asks for permission to do so.